Special Services at Home
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Special Services at Home

Special Services at Home program. It helps adults and children with a developmental disability — and children with a physical disability — and their families by paying for special services they need to live at home in the community. For example, the money can be used to hire someone to:

  • teach new skills and abilities to the person with a developmental disability.
  • provide respite support to the family.

The amount of money a family receives depends on:

  • the type and amount of service needed
  • what other help is available in the community
  • what other support the family is already receiving
  • resources available.

Demand for funding currently exceeds available resources. However, we encourage people to apply so that support can be provided as new resources become available. For program availability in your area, please contact the ministry's regional office closest to you.


Who can apply?

Adults and children with a developmental disability or children with a physical disability (or their families) can apply for this money if they:

  • live in Ontario
  • need more support than their family can provide
  • are living at home with the family, or
  • if not living at home with their family, are not being helped by other residential services funded by the ministry.

The family must present written documentation from a physician or psychologist that confirms the person's developmental and/or physical disability.


How to apply?

Everyone will need to submit an application form every year. But you will not need to complete a full application form every year.

You'll need to complete a full Special Services at Home application form if:

this is the first time you are applying

your circumstances have changed since your last application

you are asking for a different amount of money than you did in your last application, or

three years have passed since you last applied.

If you are approved for funding, you may use a streamlined application to apply for the program in the following two years.


If you are re-applying

If you have already received funding for personal development and growth activities and are applying for more help, complete the Progress Report to the Special Services at Home application form.


Where to send your completed application forms

Mail the completed forms to your Ministry of Community and Social Services regional office.


6733 Mississauga Rd.

Suite 200 2nd Floor

Mississauga, ON

L5N 6J5

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