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Responsible Drinking Habits

Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines are intended for Canadians of legal drinking age who choose to drink alcohol, are informed by the most recent and best available scientific research and evidence. They are intended to provide consistent information across the country to help Canadians moderate their alcohol consumption and reduce their immediate and long-term alcohol-related harm.

Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

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Drinking During Pregnancy

It is not uncommon that pregnant women drink alcohol before knowing they are pregnant. In fact, 50 per cent of births in Canada are unplanned. Even if you did drink, it is important to know that it is never too late to stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Quitting drinking now and looking after your own health are the best ways to reduce the risk of harm to your baby.

FASDs are not generally caused intentionally by the mother: Many women simply may not know when they are first pregnant or may not be aware of the harm that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause.

What Can Be Done

As well as not drinking alcohol, there are other steps you can take to be healthy including:

Discuss your alcohol consumption with your health care provider

Get plenty of rest

See your doctor, nurse or midwife regularly

Follow a healthy diet

Reduce your stress

Fathers, friends and family members all have important roles to play in promoting an alcohol-free pregnancy. They can:

Encourage and support the woman's decision to avoid alcohol

Avoid situations where alcohol is present

Make sure non-alcoholic options are available

Stop drinking as well

Go to medical check-ups to find out more about FASD.

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