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For Professionals and Educators

Not every child diagnosed under FASD will respond the same way to a strategy. What works today may not work tomorrow. Keep trying different strategies until you find what works for the student. It is important to keep in mind their developmental age as well as the fact that they have a brain-based invisible physical disability. It is important to structure their environment and be “one step ahead” of them to anticipate difficulties.

Screening and Recognition:

  • Canadian Association for Pediatric Health Centres/ FASD Screening Toolkit

Resources for Educators and Teachers:

Resources for health care providers and other professionals:

Justice related resources:

FASD and the Criminal Justice System: A tip sheet for those working with those diagnosed under FASD and in trouble with the law. - This site is designed for justice system professionals and others who want to understand more about FASD.

FASD: A Guidebook for Police Officers

NEWS ARTICLE- Judge makes court instructions easier to understand for those with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

VIDEO-Alcohol & Me: "I have to do it this way"

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