Care for the Caregiver
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Care for the Caregiver

Taking Care of Yourself

Raising children with FASD can be challenging and overwhelming.
As a caregiver, it’s not uncommon to constantly put the needs of your child before your own. But, your child’s unique needs and challenging behaviour may cause you to feel fatigued and lacking in energy.
The demands of parenting a child with FASD require that you take good care of yourself – the better you treat yourself, the more energy and enthusiasm you will have for your child.

Self-Care Strategies

Don't take your child's behaviour personally: Remember that your child’s tough behaviour is a symptom of their FASD, not a reflection of you as a parent.
Take time out for yourself: A long walk, relaxing bath, or evening out with your spouse or friends can give you some much needed time away from your children. Don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself time for rest and relaxation.
Find someone to talk to: Connect with other parents of children with FASD, join or start a support group, or meet with a counselor. Talking to someone can be helpful to vent your frustrations, seek advice, and connect with others who understand what it is like to parent a child with FASD.

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