Waterloo Region FASD Diagnostic Clinic
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Waterloo Region FASD Diagnostic Clinic

Waterloo Region FASD Diagnostic Clinic- Hosted by Carizon

Offers FASD Diagnostic Services for children up to 17 years of age living in the Waterloo Region. Provides full assessments, recommendations, and assistance with referral to appropriate community programs.

The Waterloo FASD Diagnostic Clinic provides a multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessment for children and youth with suspected FASD. The assessment team is comprised of a Clinic Coordinator, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist and Pediatrician.

Referrals are accepted through Front Door at 519-749-2932 or www.frontdoormentalhealth.com

  • Children and youth up to the age of 17 who reside in Waterloo Region
  • There must be confirmation of prenatal alcohol exposure. **If PAE is highly suspected, an FASD Coordinator can assist in finding out more information through accessing health and social service records and interviewing reliable sources who may have additional details to share about the individuals prenatal period.

It can be confirmed in a number of ways:

  • Self report by a reliable source (biological mother, family member, etc.)
  • Medical records that confirm positive blood alcohol concentration levels
  • Social history reports from child welfare or social service organizations
  • Alcohol treatment or legal and/or social issues related to drinking during pregnancy
  • All three of the characteristic facial features

It is important to know

  • the number and type(s) of alcoholic beverages consumed
  • the frequency and/or pattern of drinking is important to know

Severe impairment in at least three different areas on testing done by a professional (e.g. a medical doctor, psychologist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist) and

Confirmed use of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy and/or all three of the characteristic facial features

Every individual with FASD in unique. What the full multidisciplinary assessment provides is a full picture of an individual's functional abilities. That means how do their strengths and needs play out in everyday life.

FASD assessment can:

  • Provide an accurate diagnosis and prevents misdiagnosis and associated interventions that may not be helpful
  • Help understand strengths and difficulties
  • Help families understand that the difficulties are a result of exposure to alcohol, not that they aren't trying or poor parenting
  • Assists in the design of early intervention and supportive therapy
  • Enable access to services and support
  • Prevent adverse outcomes and issues
  • Contribute to positive long term outcomes
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